Times Two Can Be Tough

When our guys were in elementary school, one of their teachers assigned them three mini-science fair projects. Let’s do the math. Times two. That’s six creative, original ideas and implementations. What a year!

Today, as juniors in high school, they are each doing a Rube Goldberg project. A Rube Goldberg machine, device, or apparatus is a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. I call it “reinventing the Mouse Trap” game. It’s a nightmare. Good luck mothers of twins. I am currently feeling your pain.

All for now. Cheers.

Another celebrity MOT

You can add Mariah Carey to the list of celebrity moms with twins.  She is expecting a boy and a girl, due later this month.

Additional ramblings — I just returned from a six-day trip. My twins were really happy to see me. Actually, I think they were really happy about the possibility of eating “real” food again.  You can only eat so much pizza, grilled cheese and Top Ramen.

One twin said, “Bad news, Mom. There is a LOT of laundry.” And that was just from him.

Good to be back.

All for now. Cheers.

Are you serious?

I recently chatted with  two lovely  young women – identical twins. We were talking about silly things people ask twins.  Of course the most popular is “Are you twins?” The rudest is “Are you co-dependent?”

The funniest story (and I have this in my book, Twin Stories) is that a husband was walking down the street with his wife and her identical twin. A lady stopped them  and asked  “Are you twins?” He replied “No, we’re triplets.”  She immediately fired back  “Then you must be the ugly one!”

All for now. Cheers.

Celebrity parents of twins/triplets

Just thinking about all of the really big celebs who have twins – Brad Pitt and Angelina, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris,  and Charlie Sheen.

I just saw on TV last night that Dr. Drew Pinsky has triplets. He said the first six months were the hardest of his life. Funny, we have twins and we thought the first four months were the hardest. I wonder if the degree of difficulty is measured in periods of two months. Does that mean for singletons that only two months are hard? No. As a parent of a singleton first, it was just hard.

All for now. Cheers.

Greetings fellow parents of twins!

Welcome to my blog. My husband and I have 17-year-old identical boys.

I am just going to write random thoughts about twins and also post cool sites and information about twins.

My first question to you is did you see The Social Network movie? Can you believe the director used the same actor for the Winkelvoss twins? There are many talented twins out there who could have played the role. Shame on you. But, it was a good movie.

Another good movie that we watched tonight was Hereafter, starring Matt Damon and directed by Clint Eastwood. One story line revolves around a young English boy who loses his identical twin brother. Rent it. Enjoy.

All for now. Cheers.