Two of everything

I guess by now you’ve heard that it is prom season. We have two boys, and one very handsome, classic, black tuxedo. The tux belongs to my dad, and our eldest son loved using it in his high school days.

Our first-born twin has used it for his Jazz @8 performances so he believes he has a bit of a claim on it.  Perhaps we should spring for a rental. Or perhaps a used tux on eBay. I wonder if the other grandfather’s pin-striped gangster suit with wingtips might do for twin #2. Hmmm. “Gangsta’s” are in, yo.

Oh, yes. Congratulations to Mariah Carey and husband, Nick Cannon, on the birth of their twins. But please, stop calling them “dem babies.” Makes you sound “gangsta.”

All for now. Cheers

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