An observation

Why does this always happen? You know the scenario. It’s ten o’clock at night and your child tells you they need a form filled out, to be turned in tomorrow. “I put it on the counter,” he says.  And it is nowhere in sight.

One of the really good things about twins (it’s little but good) is that there is a strong chance that the other twin has the exact same form. That was the case last night. Instead of getting stressed out, I simply found Max’s form, went down to the home office, whited out his name and copied it. Done.

Of course one could argue that with twins and multiples you have to fill out twice as many forms (or more). Here again is the beauty of having a fax/copy machine.

Time-saving tip: When going to a doctor or dentist appointment, have them send you the forms in advance so you can take advantage of your machine.

All for now.

Twins Days’ Fun

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend at the annual Twins Days Festival, in Twinsburg, Ohio. It was my fourth time there. The first time I went was to interview twins for my book Twin Stories: Their Mysterious and  Unique Bond, Wildcat Canyon Press 2001. The second time was to launch the book and host a book party with the twins who contributed their stories. The third time was to take our twins, as they were older and could appreciate it more. This time, it was to launch TwinsPages, our free social network and online community.

It was such a joy talking to twins and multiples at our table and around the festival grounds. Two sets of twins, who were in my book, stopped by to say hello. I was absolutely delighted. We are all ten years older but they looked great. I saw faces that had been coming to the event for a decade. (Very recognizable, outgoing twins.)

My husband and I met some interesting people. There was a set of teen quads — three girls and a boy. Two of the girls were identical and then there was a boy/girl set (fraternal). Now think about this. The mother had the ability to produce more than one egg. She produced three and one of the eggs split (thus the identical girls). The teens were really friendly and seem to like each other very much.

We also met a mom who had three sets of twins and a mom who had two sets of twins 11 months a part. These are super women and should be admired and respected. MOTs, you know what I’m talking about.

All I can say is that if you’re a twin or multiple, grab your sibling(s), buy a matching weekend wardrobe and go! If you’re a parent, take your twins or multiples so they can really appreciate how special they are.

Kudos to the Festival committee and volunteers for another wonderful weekend. There were more than 1,600 registered twins. Let’s help the festival beat that number next year.

All for now.