Twins’ road to college

In the never-ending search for individuality, our identical twins are heading to Northern and Southern California for college. While they rarely admit to being friends (they are), they are putting some distance between them (about 600 miles). I am so happy that 1) They’ve selected a college 2) They’ve pretty much determined what they want to pursue and 3) That the applications are in!

Time to move forward with scholarships, housing, scholarships, transportation, scholarships…

All for now.

Shame on you

Sarah Michelle Gellar has admitted that she finds the idea of having an identical twin “creepy.” According to reporter Morgan Jeffrey, of Digital Spy, Gellar ways quoted as saying, “And being twins… could you imagine someone who looked exactly like you? I think that’s creepy actually.”

Gellar palys plays twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan on the CW drama Ringer.

Advice to Gellar: do some research. Advice to viewers: boycott.

All for now.