Off to see the world

I put our guys (twins) on an 11-hour flight to Narita Airport, Tokyo, the day after Christmas. They had a 90-minute layover and then it was off on another flight to Hong Kong to stay with their big brother for two weeks. Yes, I was one of those silly people who kept watching until they got into the TSA body scanner. I kept smiling and trying to catch their eyes. I waved far too many times.

The guys are in college now and almost 19. They’ve been to China with their grandparents. When they were 14, they took a cross-country, red-eye from Cali to Florida, with big brother, alone, with a stop at LAX. They played it cool at the airport yesterday, but I can read them like books. They were as anxious as I was.

I was so happy to receive an e-mail from the oldest twin (two minutes apart) who said they arrived. He included three exclamation points in his brief message. I finally stopped fretting that I should have booked a non-stop. You never stop being a mom.

Happy New Year.

College Life

It’s hard to believe that the guys (our identical twins) are getting ready for finals at their respective colleges. They are attending state universities in Northern California and seem to be doing well in their academic and social environments.

While they say they don’t communicate often, it’s clear that the other is on the mind. One twin went as “twins” for Halloween. He has a beard and mustache. He shaved half of his face, and don’t you know, he looks like his identical twin brother! I thought it was brilliant. — After Halloween, he shaved everything and started regrowing the facial hair.

The guys will have a real bonding experience the day after Christmas as they travel to Hong Kong together to spend two weeks with their older brother. It’s a long trip. It’s good to have a friend, if only for battery back-up and snacks.

I’ve met a number of MOTs (Mothers of Twins) recently. It’s been fun talking to the moms whose twins have chosen different paths in life. I met one who has a daughter at home and one overseas. Like our sons, they, too, are celebrating their independence from being twins.

The holidays are upon us and I am looking forward to having an excuse to bake. I think our Hong Kong-based son could use some homemade Nestle’s chocolate chip cookies right about now. They will be hand-delivered by the guys.

All for now.