Off to see the world

I put our guys (twins) on an 11-hour flight to Narita Airport, Tokyo, the day after Christmas. They had a 90-minute layover and then it was off on another flight to Hong Kong to stay with their big brother for two weeks. Yes, I was one of those silly people who kept watching until they got into the TSA body scanner. I kept smiling and trying to catch their eyes. I waved far too many times.

The guys are in college now and almost 19. They’ve been to China with their grandparents. When they were 14, they took a cross-country, red-eye from Cali to Florida, with big brother, alone, with a stop at LAX. They played it cool at the airport yesterday, but I can read them like books. They were as anxious as I was.

I was so happy to receive an e-mail from the oldest twin (two minutes apart) who said they arrived. He included three exclamation points in his brief message. I finally stopped fretting that I should have booked a non-stop. You never stop being a mom.

Happy New Year.

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