Being a Twin — Harmful to Dating?

I recently attended a lovely brunch at a trendy restaurant in Sacramento with my neighbor’s epicurean club. (I felt so cosmopolitan.) A woman sitting across from me has 11-year-old fraternal twins who look almost identical. She said they are bonded at the hip and have very similar personalities.

Seated next to me was a 50+ woman who said she was an identical twin. She and her sister were highly competitive growing up and thus, didn’t like each other very much. Hated each other, actually. Today, she and her sister do a lot together as they are both divorcées looking for love.

She complained that whenever she and her sister are together in public, people (eligible men), can’t get past them being “twins.” And then there’s the competition thing. Being a twin was apparently a detriment to dating. Who would’ve thought?

I have been told by twins that there’s a “twin adage” — you marry me, you marry my twin. In researching my book, Twin Stories, I never once heard a complaint that being a twin hurt your chances in the dating world. Is this real? Should I include this question in my next book? Or could it have simply been the mimosas talking?

I will follow up with my identical twins and keep you posted.

All for now.

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