I’m just saying

I love all things twins.

I love how people talk about the twins they know when I mention my guys. I am fascinated by their relationships, whether they are identical or fraternal. I am especially interested in the bond between same sex fraternals.

I met a woman last night who said her husband (second marriage) has a set of fraternals and a set of identicals. Yes, a lot of work but how cool is that?

Tomorrow I am going to see my boys after a being away for about a month. They are 19 and doing their own things. They are getting ready for year two of college. They are young adults with strong opinions and strong voices. I really like them.

I feel special being an MOT (Mother of Twins) and I think highly of and have a deep respect for other mothers of multiples. We’re in a unique club. So, celebrate ladies, and hug your twins (and other children) as often as they’ll let you.

All for now.

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