It’s a wonderful feeling

Moms, have you ever had an overwhelming feeling of contentment knowing that your twins are safe and happy and embarking on new adventures a.k.a. their lives?

I talked to all three of my college boys this weekend and was so pleased that all of them are thriving in their new environments. They are happy.

Rearing children, in general, is challenging but helping twins find their individuality and independence yet keep their special bond is even harder. Throw in an older sibling who was used to being the center of attention and the situation gets tougher still. 

Our goal as MOTs (Mothers of Twins) is to raise well-rounded individuals who can still celebrate their twinness. 

After talking with each son, I felt good and also confident that my husband, extended families and I did our job well. It’s a great feeling. 

I am going to pat myself on the back today. Pat yourself, too, and have a good day. 

All for now. 

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