Advice to Twins Auditioning for American Idol

Hi twins,

This season of American Idol has been a lot of fun thus far. With the exception of seeing twins audition together. It’s heartbreaking sometimes. It’s not uncommon for the judges to select one twin and send the other one home.

When the twins leave the judges’ room, they are greeted by their family. That’s the hard part. It is so difficult to know how to react. You are happy for the successful twin and sad for the one who didn’t do well. What do you do?

I had a similar experience when my guys went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take their written driving test. One twin passed and the other one didn’t. The ride home in the car was very solemn. We couldn’t console the brokenhearted twin and celebrate the other. We eventually had some time alone with our son who passed, and we expressed our feelings of happiness for his success. He told us he knew we couldn’t react because of the disappointment his brother was feeling.

The morale of this story is, when auditioning for anything, do it separately. You might have a greater chance at success because the judges won’t compare you to your sibling. In the end, it might not be as traumatic for your family members if the outcome is not the same. Trust me on this.

All for now.

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