Shame on you

Sarah Michelle Gellar has admitted that she finds the idea of having an identical twin “creepy.” According to reporter Morgan Jeffrey, of Digital Spy, Gellar ways quoted as saying, “And being twins… could you imagine someone who looked exactly like you? I think that’s creepy actually.”

Gellar palys plays twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan on the CW drama Ringer.

Advice to Gellar: do some research. Advice to viewers: boycott.

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Space Twins

Surely you’ve heard about Scott and Mark Kelly, the twin astronauts. has a nice article about how they were reunited when Scott returned from duty on the International Space Station.

On a personal note, sometimes our identical twin 17-year-olds have a hard time understanding why the other guy has the exact same interests.  It’s not a case of copy cat. They have the same DNA. Makes  sense to me. It must be hard to strive for a unique identity when genetics drive you to similar likes — that, and being in a small school where there are few choices for activities and clubs.

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Just had to comment here. Mariah Carey named her twins Moroccan Scott Cannon (her son) and Monroe Cannon (her daughter). She is a lot trendier than me. I named my twins Sam and Max. Good “bark-able” names.

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Another celebrity MOT

You can add Mariah Carey to the list of celebrity moms with twins.  She is expecting a boy and a girl, due later this month.

Additional ramblings — I just returned from a six-day trip. My twins were really happy to see me. Actually, I think they were really happy about the possibility of eating “real” food again.  You can only eat so much pizza, grilled cheese and Top Ramen.

One twin said, “Bad news, Mom. There is a LOT of laundry.” And that was just from him.

Good to be back.

All for now. Cheers.

Celebrity parents of twins/triplets

Just thinking about all of the really big celebs who have twins – Brad Pitt and Angelina, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris,  and Charlie Sheen.

I just saw on TV last night that Dr. Drew Pinsky has triplets. He said the first six months were the hardest of his life. Funny, we have twins and we thought the first four months were the hardest. I wonder if the degree of difficulty is measured in periods of two months. Does that mean for singletons that only two months are hard? No. As a parent of a singleton first, it was just hard.

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