Twins Days’ Fun

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend at the annual Twins Days Festival, in Twinsburg, Ohio. It was my fourth time there. The first time I went was to interview twins for my book Twin Stories: Their Mysterious and  Unique Bond, Wildcat Canyon Press 2001. The second time was to launch the book and host a book party with the twins who contributed their stories. The third time was to take our twins, as they were older and could appreciate it more. This time, it was to launch TwinsPages, our free social network and online community.

It was such a joy talking to twins and multiples at our table and around the festival grounds. Two sets of twins, who were in my book, stopped by to say hello. I was absolutely delighted. We are all ten years older but they looked great. I saw faces that had been coming to the event for a decade. (Very recognizable, outgoing twins.)

My husband and I met some interesting people. There was a set of teen quads — three girls and a boy. Two of the girls were identical and then there was a boy/girl set (fraternal). Now think about this. The mother had the ability to produce more than one egg. She produced three and one of the eggs split (thus the identical girls). The teens were really friendly and seem to like each other very much.

We also met a mom who had three sets of twins and a mom who had two sets of twins 11 months a part. These are super women and should be admired and respected. MOTs, you know what I’m talking about.

All I can say is that if you’re a twin or multiple, grab your sibling(s), buy a matching weekend wardrobe and go! If you’re a parent, take your twins or multiples so they can really appreciate how special they are.

Kudos to the Festival committee and volunteers for another wonderful weekend. There were more than 1,600 registered twins. Let’s help the festival beat that number next year.

All for now.

Party on, MOTs!

I am heading to the annual National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs convention in the windy city this weekend. I’ll be promoting Twins Pages and talking to other mothers of twins. It is always fun to compare notes and also get inspiration from them. I especially like meeting woman who have two sets of twins. Remarkable ladies! Also, I will be checking out a gourmet popcorn lead my friend shared with me. It’s going to be a swell trip.

I think this is perfect. Armie Hammer, the actor who played both Winklevoss twins in the movie The Social Network will guest star on The Simpsons. According to reporter Jessica Grabert, in her article for Television Blend, “The episode will be titled ‘The D’oh-cial Network’ and will feature Hammer playing both Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.” She writes, “What’s the next best thing to getting the Winklevoss’–the famous twins who sued Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook? … {Armie} Hammer might even be the better deal: he’s more likely to get the joke.” Stay tuned. Sadly, the reporter didn’t include an air date.

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Google yourself

Have you ever Googled yourself? (I’m not sure that Google is now a verb but I think I heard that it is.) Anyway, I just found two recent articles where the authors quoted my first book, Twin Stories.  It’s fun to see that the book is still being used as a source of information, even after ten years.

Check out this great article on twin dreams, in Psychology Today, June, 13, 2011.

The book is also referenced in an article titled Five Strange New Facts About Twins.

Thanks to both authors for including Twin Stories.

Our twin boys are having a great summer, and as they get older, I don’t have to sit out front of Van’s Warped Tour concerts in a hot vehicle waiting for the event to end so we can all go home. Did that a couple of times. Now the tradeoff is that I get to sit at home and worry about them getting home. The concerts are always several hours away in very congested traffic conditions.

Just de-skunked our dog. Life is good.

Well, all for now.

Fantastic Photos

National Geographic has posted a wonderful special feature and pictorial of the Twins Days Festival. Be sure to view all of the photo galleries. Photographer J. Kyle Keener does an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the festival.

By the way, Twins Pages will have a table in the Festival vendor tent so please come and visit us. The Twins Days Festival begins Friday, August 5th in Twinsburg, Ohio, about 30 minutes out of Cleveland. We’ll have several give-aways and free stuff!

RE: Our twins. Well, it’s summer and they’re teenagers. Stay up late, sleep late, work, eat and have friends over. They are typical of all teenagers.

All for now.

Space Twins

Surely you’ve heard about Scott and Mark Kelly, the twin astronauts. has a nice article about how they were reunited when Scott returned from duty on the International Space Station.

On a personal note, sometimes our identical twin 17-year-olds have a hard time understanding why the other guy has the exact same interests.  It’s not a case of copy cat. They have the same DNA. Makes  sense to me. It must be hard to strive for a unique identity when genetics drive you to similar likes — that, and being in a small school where there are few choices for activities and clubs.

Don’t forget to visit TwinsPages!

All for now. Cheers.

New online community and social network for twins

Check this out! New, free online community and social network for twins and multiples.

Twins PagesTwinsPages is the easiest way to share the “twin experience” with family and friends. Simply create a free TwinsPage and invite people to subscribe.  Friends and family will receive an e-mail notifying them whenever you update your blog or photos.

Whether you’re an expecting mother, parent of twins, a twin yourself, a twinless twin, or a Mother of Twins or Multiples club, you’ll be able to create, invite and share the joy. Triplets, quads, sextuplets, and NOMOTC members are also welcome!

Have fun and tell your friends.

All for now. Cheers.